One of the most famous brand snacks in Indonesia, the theme of Taro is well known as adventure full of imagination. Taro is made of wheat flour, corn, and potatoes, as well as other quality ingredients. Through Taro, TPSF have been done many activities focus on building character formation for children aged 7 up to 12 years. Taro boy described as a tough, smart and caring.

Variants of products:

  • Taro Net
    It won’t make thirsty and does not stick to the touch. Guaranteed quality, it’s more than 30 years of adventure with the children of Indonesia.
    Made from wheat
    Flavors: BBQ Potato, Seaweed, Italian Pizza, Cowboy Steak and Cheese Blast.
    Small pack of 9 g (except Cheese Blast)
    Medium Pack 40 g
    Family Pack 70 g (Potato BBQ & Seaweed)
  • Taro Net 3D Potato
    A unique three-dimensional shaped, make our snacking more fun. Delicious flavor combinations of original potatoes and new seasoning flavor. Packaging design is full of adventure with an interesting color.
    Made from potato starch.
    Flavors: Jungle Chicken and Cheese Tornado.
    Weight: 20, 40, and 70 g.
  • Taro Net Potato Waffel
    Exciting snack with potato waffle shaped. It’s made from original potatoes, not the essence of potatoes
    Every snack pieces is just snugly in teenager’s mouth when eaten. It’s thicker, giving a crunchy and so that increasing the crispness.
    Flavors: Seaweed and Smoked Barbeque Beef & Cheese.
    Weight: 15 and 35 g.
  • Taro Corn Puff
    The first unique wave shape snacks in Indonesia. The combination of sweet and salty corn sensation is suitable for young people. Corn based lightweight option when eaten.
    Flavors: Roasted and Salted Caramel Corn.
    Weight: 9 and 35 g (just Roasted Corn).