Company’s Milestones

Kang Tong Poo established egg noodle business under the name of ”Pabrik Mie Asia” that is known as the producer of ”Mie Telur Cap Ayam 2 Telur”
Tan Pia Sioe established vermicelli with brand of ”cangak Ular” in Sukoharjo, Central Java.


Priyo Hadisutanto as the successor of Tan Pia Sioe conducted production modernization.
The business was developing and PT Asia Inti Selera was established.
Priyo Hadisutanto established The Company in Sragen, central Java. Its main products were dried vermicelli and dried noodles.
The company established a factory in Karanganyar, central Java, with 7 production lines and the capacity of 30,000 tons per year.
PT Asia Inti Selera started its journey on stock exchange and conducted Initial Public Offering (IPO)
The company Croup established a 25 Ha integrated food factory in Sragen, Central Java, to integrate all production facilities of the company and prepare business development in the future.
Production process was conducted in new factories at Sragen, in which the instant noodle production unit.was established since that time with production process and marketing implemented at early 2002.
  • The Company obtained ISO 9001:2000 certification.
  • The Company issued shares Non− Preemptive Rights with par value of Rp 200 per share and convertible Bonds of Rp 60 billion.
The company and PT Asia Inti Selera collaborated and The company acquired PT Asia Inti Selera and on wards the company who was listed with ticker code of AISA was knows as PT Tiga Pilar Sejahtera Food Tbk (TPSF). The company then conducted Limited Public Offering I.
The company changed its logo and align with its vision and mission.
  • Conducted Limited Public Offering II.
  • Acquired PMI which engaged in snacks, biscuits, and confectioneries.
  • Received an award as The Best Issuer for Consumption Goods from Bisnis Indonesia Award 2008 and was listed in Indeks Kompas 100 on August 2008.
Received Top 250 Indonesia Original Brand award, Excellent Brand award, and Most Improved IIcD Good Corporate Governance award.
  • Conducted Limited Public Offering III.
  • Conducted acquisition of production facility in Balaraja, Tangerang.
  • Conducted acquisition of ”Taro” and the production facility from PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk.
  • Acquired PT Subafood Pangan Jaya.
  • The Company issued TPS Food Bonds I Tear 2013 valued Rp 600 billion and TPS Food Sukuk Ijarah I Tear 2013 valued Rp 300 billion.
  • Leading global investment company, KKR & co. L.P. to become one of shareholder‘s.
  • The development of production facility for day noodle, with improvement of up to 1,000 tons per month for production capacity.
  • conducted capital Increase of Non−Preemptive Rights (PMTHMETD) by issuing new shares from portfolio of 292,600,000 (two hundred ninety two million six hundred thousand) shares with par value of Rp 200 per share and PMTHMETD issuance price of Rp2,250 per share.
  • Obtained ISO 14001:2004 certificate issued by Integrated Laboratory − IPB Environmental Management System Assurance (ILEA − IPB) and Obtained OHSAS 18001:2007 certificate issued by URS (United Registrar of Systems) certification.
  • The Company sold 2,864,990,000 shares or 78.17% of its shares in PT Colden Plantation Tbk to PT JOM Prawarsa Indonesia.
  • The Company inaugurated power plant of PT Patra Power Nusantara.
  • The Company inaugurated Unit 5 factory of PT Tiga Pilar Sejahtera to be operated as a facility to produce Bihunku instant vermicelli.
  • The Company issued TPS Food Sukuk Ijarah II Tear 2016 with the Remaining Ijarah Fee amounting to Rp1,200,000,000,000 (one trillion two hundred billion Rupiah).
  • A subsidiary in Food Division, namely PT Putra Taro Paloma, obtained ISO 22000:2009 and HACCP Certifications issued by the Integrated Laboratory of Bogor Agricultural University (ILFA−IPB) and Certification Quality of National Accreditation Committee for Taro and Bravo.
  • The Company launched Mitra Usaha Maknyuss (MUM) with delivery concept.
  • The Company implemented Sales Force Automation, a sales application running on smartphone and tablet platforms.
Launching of ‘CARI TPS‘ call center on February 13, 2017. The company‘s commitment to always upholding consumers‘ needs is manifested by such service. Going forward, this service will be continuously developed to become one stop service for consumers and to generate added values.
After the Board of Directors‘ annual report was rejected on General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) July 27, 2018, Shareholders in Extraordinary GMS on October 22, 2018, appointed Hengky Koestanto and Charlie Dhungga, as President Director and Director/Independent Director respectively, and Yuli Soedargo and Jaka Prasetya, as President commissioner/Independent commissioner and commissioner of the company respectively.
Based on the decision of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on August 9, 2019, the Shareholders approved the company‘s plan to carry out the company‘s plans for make capital Increase without Pre−Emptive Rights (”PMTHMETD”) by issuing 1,568,900,000 (one billion five hundred and sixty−eight million nine hundred thousand) Series B shares, with a nominal value of Rp200.00 (two hundred Rupiah).
  • On March 9, 2020, The company carried out PMTHMETD Phase 1 of 1,568,900.000 (One Billion Five Hundred Sixty Eight Million Nine Hundred Thousand Rupiah) shares of series B, each with nominal value IDR 200,00 (Two Hundred Rupiah), where PMTHMETD Phase 1 is as a follow−up to the results of the EGMS on August 9, 2019. Therefore, PT Pangan Sejahtera Investama is the party that take all the shares that has been issued by the company on the PMTHMETD Phase 1.
  • Shareholders through Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on September 30, 2020, approved the company‘s plan to conduct.
    capital Increase of Non−Preemptive Rights (”PMTHMETD”) by issuing 6,000,000,000 (six billion) shares of Seri B, each amounted Rp 200.00 (two hundred Rupiah).
  • Shareholders through Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on September 30, 2020, approved the company‘s plan to increase capital by issuing HMETD of up to 1,500,000,000 (one billion five hundred million) series B shares with a nominal value of IDR 200.00 (two hundred Rupiah) per share.
  • In November 2020, the company carried out PMTHMETD Phase II of 4,524,300,000 (four billion five hundred twenty−four million three hundred thousand) series B shares as a follow−up to the results of the EGMS on September 30, 2020. Meanwhile, PT Pangan Sejahtera Investama took 3,724,300,000. (three billion seven hundred twenty four million three hundred thousand) shares and PT Asta Askara Sentosa took 800,000,000 (eight hundred million) shares. With the implementation of PMTHMETD Phase II, PT Pangan Sejahtera Investama became the controlling shareholder of the company and the company has officially become part of the big family of FKS Group.